Universal centrifuge
Model No:
CE , ISO9001, ISO13485, GMP, FDA,
Specification :
Motor: Brushless, maintenance free
Overall : appr. 320 x 400 x 310mm approx.
N.W. : 16 kgs , not including rotor, or 352 lbs
Power: Multi-voltage available from 100V - 240V
ERROR detection including Imbalance alarm
Chamber : stainless steel
Speed: Adjustable from 1000 - 12000rpm, 3- digit , LED digital
Angle fixed rotor: Max 5000rpm
Rotor F-2415 for capillary tube: Max 12000rpm, Max RCF 17403xg
Speed control : microprocessor ,
Automatic Braking system
Interlocking lid and manual override lid open in case of power failure
Timer : 99 mins , LED , 2-digits
Key Features:
RoHS and Universal Multi-voltage 100 – 240V
  Technical Data
- User-friendly design and configuration are in compliance with RoHS regulation.
- Universal multi-voltage available within the range of 100V to 240V, no need to use voltage transformer.
- Stainless steel interior chamber easy for cleaning and ensures contamination free.
- Automatic imbalance detection system alarms & prevents damage by gently bringing rotor to a complete stop.
- Overheating sensor detects temperature of motor and driver.  Stop spinning to protect your samples.
- Interlocking lid system prevents accidental opening during operation.  Manual override lets you open lid in case of power failure. 
- Lid can be opened only when the rotor is completely stopped and power must be switched on. Press button “LID OPEN” and push bar on upper right side to open the lid.
- Safety device to shut off motor when lid is opened.
- Automatic braking system brakes to complete stop gently when the set time is elapsed, preventing test tubes from damages.
- Module microprocessor-based circuit board ensures excellent performance and easy for maintenance.
- Speed depends upon what type of rotor is used, which is adjustable.
- LED digital set and display for speed and time.
- Digital Timer features to count down from 99 to 0 minutes with 1-minute increment.
- Versatile rotors interchangeable for your choice according to your application.
A transparent viewfinder on top easy for you to monitor the rotor spinning. 
Rotor available:
Rotor                       Tubes Max RPM/RCF               Time to Brake   
A0815     Fixed Angle rotor 8 x15ml                       5000 / 2963g  10 seconds
A-1215 Fixed Angle rotor 12 x 15ml 5000 / 3186g  13 seconds
A-2405 Fixed Angle rotor 24 x 5ml 5000 / 2823g  13 seconds
H-0450 Fixed Angle rotor 04 x 50ml 5000 / 3298g  29 seconds
F-2415 Capillary tube 24 x 0.75ml (Hematocrit) Fixed 12000 x 14490g  19 seconds


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